Building and growing business with an Fiftik Direct store.


How does Fiftik Direct work ?

Fiftk easy is an assisted shopping program for customers to walk in to a Fiftik Direct store and place orders on Fiftik marketplace. Stores are enabled with demo products of brands & delivery services.


Why setup a Fiftik Direct store?

Join a growing community of entrepreneurs

Fiftik Direct helps local entrepreneurs set up stores.

The apt business

A low one time investment in a growing e-commerce business.

Increased Earnings

Earn commissions on every sale, regular incentives + additional earnings with delivery service.




Earn fixed fees

upto 12% and other incentive

High earning potential

with target based incentives

Additional income with delivery services

Provide auto-generated GST invoices to enable businesses to claim Input Tax credit

Low Expense

with one-time outlay of Rs. 3 Lakhs



Assisted shopping to enable customers shop online

Store setup enablement with third party branded demo products

Delivery and pickup services

Low stock management



Uttar Pradesh

New Delhi



Age: 20-45 years

Minimum 10+2 pass

Should be willing to carry out marketing activities

Should have ordered/purchased products online

Should be comfortable operating a computer

Minimum store size should be 200 sq ft

Store should be on ground floor and centrally located


Interested in opening a Fiftik Direct store.

Terms and Conditions –Enrollment as Fiftik Direct Store

• Enroll as Fiftik Direct Stores (each a "Store"):

o A Store (which includes a store owner(s) / operator(s) and/or its associate(s)) will be enrolled under the Fiftik Direct program by/ with a marketing partner registered with Fiftik (each a "Marketing Partner"), subject to fulfillment of certain criteria(s) and qualifications communicated to the Store.

o The enrollment as an Fiftik Direct Store by/ with the Marketing Partner is available on first-come first-serve basis.

o A Store will be able to participate in Fiftik Direct program only after successful enrollment with a Marketing Partner and completion of the pre-conditions of enrollment.

• Pre-conditions of enrollment: o A Store will have to incur a one-time expenses of INR 3 lakh (approx.), at its sole costs, as a pre-condition for enrolling with the Marketing Partner under the Fiftik Direct program. o This aforesaid amount of INR 3 lakh (approx.) will be spent in the following manner –  INR 2,75,000 will have to be directly submitted to the Marketing Partner. After deduction of operational, enrollment and other costs by the Marketing Partner (which would amount to INR 20,000 approx.), the remaining amount will be utilized for setting up the Store as per Fiftik standards and by Fiftik's authorized vendors. The above amount, once paid to the relevant Marketing Partner, is non-refundable.  The remaining amount, i.e., INR 25,000 (approx.), will be utilized in Store's civil works. All of the Store's civil work will have to be carried out independently by the Store's owner(s) / operator(s) based on the specifications communicated by the Marketing Partner. o The above terms are in addition to other terms and conditions which may apply and will be communicated to the Store by the Marketing Partner.

• Consideration:

o In consideration of the activities undertaken by a Store under the Fiftik Direct program, the Store will be paid certain pre-agreed fees by the Marketing Partner.

o The percentage of fees may be subject to change, from time to time, and upon prior notice by the Marketing Partner.

o ** Earnings with Last mile delivery service - Such earnings will be received pursuant to successful registration under a separate program, subject to store's eligibility for such enrollment and the term and conditions of such program. For more information visit

• Marketing Support:

o The Marketing Partner may provide support to Stores for undertaking certain marketing activities, from time to time, subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria, if any, associated with such marketing activity.

o The details will be communicated to the Stores by the Marketing Partner from time to time.

• Acknowledgement and Disclaimer:

o A Store will be enrolled under the Fiftik Direct program by and with the Marketing Partner (an entity independent of Fiftik) and in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed inter-se between such Store and Marketing Partner. Accordingly, all payments pursuant to the program will be made to and received from the Marketing Partner and Fiftik will not be involved in any transaction with a Store. The responsibility and liability to pay any fees will be solely of that of the Marketing Partner.

o Fiftik shall neither be liable nor responsible for any actions or inactions of any Marketing Partner nor any breach of conditions, representations or warranties by the Marketing Partner made to the Store under an agreement or otherwise, and hereby expressly disclaim any and all responsibility and liability in that regard.

o Further, Fiftik shall not mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between the Store and the Marketing Partner. o The Store acknowledge and undertake he/she/it will apply for enrollment under Fiftik Direct program and transact with a Marketing Partner at his/her/its own risk and the Store will use his/her/its best and prudent judgment before enrolling and entering into any transactions with a Marketing Partner.

o Neither Fiftik nor the Marketing Partner makes any promises or representations whatsoever as to the amount of business a Store can expect at any time pursuant to enrolling under the Fiftik Direct program. The total fee earned by a Store would depend upon a number of factors which are not controlled by Fiftik or the Marketing Partner.

Frequenty Asked Questions

You are authorised to open a local shop with the name fiftik Direct Store and can help every customer to by the best rated products from

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